400 years ago, the lands of Alterone were conquered by an invading army led by worshipers of the dark God Voth. One by one, the loose republic of kingdoms fell to the greater number of minions (orcs, goblins, kobolds, etc..) the God Voth could muster. These armies were successful in routing the elves, mercilessly slaughtering them all, and subjugating the human kingdoms to their will. The gnome and halfling forces retreated and fell back to defend their own lands. The human lands were divvied up between seven dark lords, one for each of the seven deadly sins. The seven Lords of Sin began a feverish campaign to change and destroy most of known history, as well as create a polity built on slavery, servitude, cruelty, and selfishness. Humans who were loyal (and perhaps a little opportunistic) started cults of Voth and banned all forms of worship of other gods. Those who are not loyal are turned into serfs, slaves, or worse. In desperate times, much of what brought human society together has crumbled. People compete for the crumbs. Arcane spellcasters were forced to join sanctioned mage schools or face outright persecution. The exact hierarchy of Voth’s forces is unknown, but what is known that is that Voth seeks to convert the inhabitants of the conquered lands to his own religion.
In the West, several human kingdoms, aided by a horde of orcish and human barbarians from the northern isles led by K’rash, defeated Lord Pride and freed the kingdom of Stoltz from the grip of Voth. K’rash and his forces revealed that they had come to Alterone to free their brethren from the grip of Voth and his lords. Using their momentum, the humans, with their orcish brethren’s help, defeated the Lord of Gluttony (Kingdom of Orland), but were eventually stopped after a crushing defeat by the Lord of Envy and his army that came from the sea when their armies met in the Kingdom of Sloth (Devan). The continent is currently at a stalemate. The humans have few if any allies, as the dwarves and gnomes have been scattered to the winds. Orcish trade vessels sail in from their long voyage from the north with new supplies and troops, much to the chagrin of many human nobles who don’t necessarily trust their supposed saviors.

Seven Sins of Alterone II

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